Solve It @ the Library

  • by Shauntee Burns
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    TI-84 Plus by Asimzb - Wikimedia Commons

    The library is the place you can find the answers to any question, right?

    Need help with SATs?
    You can find books for test prep.

    Have a history report due next week?
    Look up information on World War II in the encyclopedia.

    Oh, you and a friend have to do a science project for school?
    Simple. Just print out an experiment from an online database.

    Need help with your trigonometry homework?
    Uh-oh. What should you do?!

    Check out a graphing calculator!

    That's right. We now have graphing calculators at select locations. Come to the library, borrow a calculator, and get that math homework done!

    Visit one of these four locations to check out a graphing calculator:

    This program is funded through The New York Public Library's Innovation Project, which is made possible by a generous grant from the Charles H. Revson Foundation.