This Just In! New Picture Books For Spring

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    Check out some of the latest picture books to hit children's room shelves at a branch near you.

    Wake Up!

    Wake Up! poem by Helen Frost and photographs by Rick Lieder  (Ages 3-7 years)

    Per the publisher, "The world is wide awake — are you? Stunning photos and poetic text usher readers into the early moments of life all around them."




    Plant the Tiny Seed

    Plant the Tiny Seed  by Christie Matheson (Ages 4-8 years)

    "A companion to Tap the Magic Tree and Touch the Brightest Star uses interactive spreads to invite children to follow the stages of a tiny seed that is planted and watered before it grows into a beautiful flower.."





    Bloom by Deborah Diesen; pictures by Mary Lundquist  (ages 2-6 years)

    "A mother and child plant flower bulbs in the fall, wait through the winter, and see them bloom in the spring.."




    Fantastic Flowers

    Fantastic Flowers written and illustrated by Susan Stockdale (ages 2-6 years)

    "It's hard to believe that these flowers are real--but they are! With engaging rhymes and bright, bold images, award-winning author and illustrator Susan Stockdale introduces young readers to a wide range of unusual flowers. Can you imagine a flower that looks like a ballerina? A baboon? A napping baby? Back matter tells a little bit more about each flower (including color photographs) and describes the pollination process.."

    Farmer Duck

    25th Anniversary Edition of Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury (ages 3-7 years)

    "Farmer Duck isn't your average duck. This duck cooks and cleans, tends the fields, and cares for the other animals on the farm—all because the owner of the farm is too lazy to do these things himself. But when Farmer Duck finally collapses from exhaustion, the farmyard animals come to the rescue with a simple but heroic plan


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