This Just In: New Picture Books

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    Check out some of the latest picture books to hit children's room shelves at a branch near you.

    North, South, East, West

    North, South, East, West by Margaret Wise Brown  (Ages 4-8 years)

    Per the publisher, "A previously unpublished Margaret Wise Brown story, illustrated by a Geisel Award winner, follows the journey of a little bird who flies to the north, south, east and west before returning home again."

    The simple yet sweet words and images are perfect for a Read-Aloud.


    Keith Haring

    Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawking  by Kay Haring (Ages 5-8 years)

    "Iconic pop artist Keith Haring comes to life for young readers in this picture book biography lovingly written by his sister."

    Wonderful story about an incredible, iconic individual that teaches readers about the importance of passion, persistance, and simply being "You".




    Pablo in the Snow

    Pablo in the Snow  by Teri Sloat  (ages 3-5 years)

    "Pablo the lamb discovers how much fun it is to play in the snow, from making trails to sledding and snowball fights with friends to crafting snowmen, but when he heads for home at the end of the day, Pablo realizes he's lost."

    A  book about the curious nature of children as well as the  consequences which may sometimes follow. No worries though! It ends happily.


    How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pets?

    How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their PETS? by Jane Yolen  (ages 3-5 years)

    "A riotous new entry in the award-winning series features oversized dinosaur kids who surprise their parents by bringing home a wild menagerie of exotic pets, from tigers and elephants to zebras and boa constrictors."

    A fun and silly addition to the "How Do Dinosaurs.." series featuring  it's classic literary recipe of chaotic possibilities followed by calm sensibility and delight. 




    The Berenstain Bears Spring Storybook Collection

    The Berenstain Bears Spring Storybook Collection  by Stan Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain (ages 4-8 years)

    "Join the Berenstain Bears as they celebrate spring in seven classic, sunny stories in The Berenstain Bears Spring Storybook Collection."

    The format of this collection alternates between easy and moderate leveled reading; this would probably be ideal for a child and an adult to take turns reading each of the stories.


    A Season to Bee

     A Season to Bee  by Carlos Aponte (ages 3-5 years)

    "Fashion illustrator Carlos Aponte gives readers front row seats to the runway show of the season! Join Miss V. McQueen and her band of fashion bugs as they flit and flutter their brilliant colors down the catwalk. Ladybug reds, butterfly golds, and grasshopper greens provide young readers with a chic introduction to the colors found all around us."

    Who knew that bugs and fashion are indeed a perfect way to introduce colors and address self-confidence? The storyline is unique and the images are vibrant.  Read- Aloud worthy.


    Spring Hare

    Spring Hare by Eugene Yelchin (ages 4-8 years)

    "An adorable baby hare springs into an adventure, following his human friend up, up, and away in this flight of fancy. He follows his friend ever higher, flying through fluffy white clouds, chasing a red airplane through a flock of geese, and soaring into space on a rocket ship, before catching a ride on a shooting star back down to earth—and into his friend’s waiting arms. "

    A wordless book that encourages the reader to use their imagination to come up with their own plot. If you think the cover is adorable, just wait until you see the rest!


    If you've read one of the books mentioned or plan to, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.