RoboBiblio: A Book List

  • by A. E. Butler

    [[{"fid":"310568","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"from RoboTake Over flyer","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"from RoboTake Over flyer"},"type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"from RoboTake Over flyer","title":"from RoboTake Over flyer","height":"217","width":"250","style":"float:left","class":"media-element file-default"}}]]Last week, the tweens at Muhlenberg Library wrapped up the Robo Take Over program.  We spent the mid-winter break learning about basic circuits, conductivity, and building simple robots, which the participants were able to take home at the close of the week.  

    If you weren't able to attend a workshop series this time, you can still take a tinker in the world of robotics with one of these books:





    Military Robots by Barbara Alpert: Simple text and full-color photographs describe various military robots

    Robot by Roger Bridgman: Informative guide to the amazing world of robotics. Early automata, news stories, and photographs combine to tell the history of robots and their inventors.

    Robots by Clive Gifford: Marvel at the giant robot arm that washes airplanes; watch the mighty Robosaurus break a a car in half; discover how robots can clean and guard a house, and more. Includes fun and easy projects!

    Robots by Melissa Stewart: Introduces robots and the science behind these amazing machines, including a historic timeline of robot development, common jobs robots perform in the workplace and at home, and robots of the future.




    Junkyard by Mike Austin: Munching Machines enter a huge junkyard and consume all of the waste, then smooth the ground, plant trees and flowers, create a lake and playground, and much more.

    Baby Brains and RoboMom by Simon James: Baby  Brains invents RoboMom to do all the household chores and give his tired parents a rest.

    Snowbots by Aaron Reynolds:  Rhyming tale of a fun day young robots spend playing in new-fallen snow

    Robot Zot!  by Jon Scieszka: On a mission to conquer planet Earth, tiny but fearless Robot Zot and his mechanical sidekick leave a path of destruction as they battle kitchen appliances.

    Robo-Sauce by Adam Rubin: A special sauce turns a boy into a robot, and he then transforms everyone and everything into robots, including the book.

    Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep! by Todd Tarpley: Three reluctant robots fight off sleep while their young caretaker does his best to get them tocalm down.                                                                                  


    Go, Otto, Go!

    See Pip Point by David Milgrim: When Pip the mouse floats off with Otto the robot's balloon, Otto and Zee the Bee go to the rescue.

    Go, Otto, Go! by David Milgrim (series):  Otto the robot builds a spaceship to take him home.







    Rabbit & Robot : the sleepover by Cece Bell: Rabbit is very excited. His friend Robot is coming to sleep over, and Rabbit has made a list of all the things they are going to do: 1. Make pizza 2. Watch TV 3. Play go fish 4. Go to bed. But when Robot wants nuts and bolts instead of vegetables on his pizza and wants to play Old Maid instead of Go Fish, Rabbit doesn't know what to do - those things are not on the list!

    Game over, Super Rabbit Boy!  by Thomas Flintham: When King Viking and his evil robot army attack Animal Town, and kidnap Singing Dog, it is up to Super Rabbit Boy, with some help from Sunny and his video game console, to save the day.

    Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot  by Dav Pilkey (series): Ricky Ricotta, a small mouse, is being bullied at school, but when he rescues a powerful robot from its evil creator, he acquires a friend and protector--and saves the city from Dr. Stinky.


    The Boy at the End of the World

    Fuzzy by Tom Angleberger and Paul Dellinger: When Max (Maxine Zealster) befriends her new robot classmate Fuzzy, she helps him navigate Vanguard Middle School and together they reveal the truth behind the Robot Integration Program.

    The Wild Robot  by Peter Brown: Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there, and her only hope of survival is to try to learn about her new environment from the island's hostile inhabitants. (on the 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2016 list)

    Robot Revolution  by J. Patterson & Chris Grabenstein:  "Robots on strike! Sammy's underappreciated mechanical helpers cause chaos in the house! It's up to Sammy and his disabled sister Maddie to keep the peace until his inventor mom reveals her secret project…and why it was worth the wait"—Provided by publisher.

    Battle of the Bots  by C.J. Richards: The evil Dr. Micron is in jail, but the scandal at TinkerTech has caused a lot of anti-robot feeling in Terabyte Heights, making life difficult for the ten-year-old robotics genius George Gearing and his robot buddy, Jackbot—especially since Micron is the only person who can help George restore his parents, and his price is a jail-break.

    The Iron Giant  by Ted Hughes:  "A strange creature stalks the land, eating barbed wire and devouring tractors and plows. The farmers are mystified—and afraid. And then they glimpse him in the night: the Iron Giant, taller than a house, with glowing headlight eyes and an insatiable taste for metal. The hungry giant must be stopped at any cost. Only a young boy named Hogarth is brave enough to befriend the Iron Giant and lead him to a safe home. And only Hogarth knows where to turn when the earth needs a hero—a giant hero—as never before."—from the publisher

    The Invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures by Brian Selznick: When twelve-year-old Hugo, an orphan living and repairing clocks within the walls of a Paris train station in 1931, meets a mysterious toyseller and his goddaughter, his undercover life and his biggest secret are jeopardized.

    Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka: In his Grandpa Al's garage workshop, child genius Frank Einstein tries to invent a robot that can learn on its own, and after an accident brings wisecracking Klink and overly expressive Klank to life, they set about helping Frank perfect his Antimatter Motor until his archnemesis, T. Edison, steals the robots for his doomsday plan.

    The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout:  Born half-grown in a world that is being destroyed, Fisher has instinctive knowledge of many things, including that he must avoid the robot that knows his name.


    Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World

    Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute  by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (series): The school lunch lady is a secret crime fighter who uncovers an evil plot to replace all thepopular teachers with robots.

    Robot Frenzy  by Erik Craddock:  "When Stone Rabbit and his friends create robots to help out with chores, a glitch in the programming sends the 'bots into a malfunctioning frenzy that threatens to destroy Happy Glades!"—provided by publisher

    Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World by Judd Winick (series): Hilo and his friends must save the world from monsters from another dimension. (on  the 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2016 list)

    Little Robot by Ben Hatke:  "When a little girl finds an adorable robot in the woods, she presses a button and accidentally activates him for the first time. Now, she finally has a friend. But the big, bad robots are coming to collect the little guy for nefarious purposes, and it's all up to a five-year-old armed only with a wrench and a fierce loyalty to her mechanical friend to save the day!" —provided by publisher