Father's Day Read Alouds

  • by Lauren Younger

    Is your dad a climbing mountain? Is he the captain of family adventures, or the king of bedtime stories? I have it on good authority that my dad is in fact the best dad in the world. If your dad is also the best in the world (and he probably is) celebrate Father's Day by letting him read a story to you. As Little Jumbo the elephant will tell you, the best way to cheer up Dad might just be to do the things that you like to do with him! Here is a Father's Day reading list for the whole family to enjoy.

    Father's Day Stories

    Tyrannosaurus Dad by Liz Rosenberg
    Tobias' dad is a lot like other dads. He's definitely corny. And big. And he works very hard. But he is also a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Will Tyrannosaurus Dad be able save the Elmwood Elementary Field Day? Find it in the library under "J PIC R."

    When Dads Don't Grow Up by Marjorie Blain Parker
    In this fun read aloud, take a sneak peek into the lives of the luckiest kids in the world, the kids with dads who've never grown up! They are game-playing, puddle-splashing, basketball-tossing, monster-defeating, early-rising, and not afraid of being silly. Find it in the library under "J PIC P."

    Daddy Adventure Day by David Keane
    In a story perfect for New Yorkers, Daddy takes his son to his very first baseball game! On Daddy Adventure Days they wake up early, have delicious snacks, and leave mom at home. Today, they even catch a foul ball! This is a Daddy Adventure Day that they'll never forget! Find it in the library under "J PIC K."

    Building with Dad by Carol Nevius
    When Dad builds a new school, his son gets to visit the construction site and see both Dad and machines hard at work. He even gets to give Dad a hand! In this story all about building, power tools are whirring and bulldozers are roaring until finally it is the first day of school! Find it in the library under "J PIC N."

    How to Cheer up Dad By Fred Koehler
    Little Jumbo's dad is having a VERY bad day for an elephant. It just might have something to do with Little Jumbo having trouble listening...and trying to put dad in time out...and leaving cereal all over the floor. What can Little Jumbo do to cheer up dad? Maybe dad will like all of Little Jumbo's favorite things too! Find it in the library under "J PIC K."

    The Daddy Mountain by Jules Feiffer
    Dad is so very tall that you have to climb up jungle gym style. Whatever you do, don't look down! You might have to take a few breaks on the way up. You might even have to start over once or twice. Are you brave enough to climb to the very tip-top of the Daddy Mountain? Find it in the library under "J PIC F."

    Happy Father's Day! by Mercer Mayer
    See Little Critter and Little Sister busily get ready for Father's Day with lift-the-flap fun! Make a card, pick out a gift, bring dad breakfast in bed, and then treat him to a magic show starring--who else--Little Critter the Great! Remember that Father's Day is for dads, but it is for Grandpas too! Find it in the library under "J PIC M."

    Who's Your Daddy? by Diane Muldrow and The Very Best Daddy of All by Marion Dane Bauer
    These picture books are sure to be a hit with the toddler crowd as they explore the daddies of the animal kingdom. Animal daddies are a lot like your daddy—they bring breakfast, comb hair, help mom, love to play, keep the peace, and give great piggy-back rides. The lift-the-flaps in Who's Your Daddy will keep your toddler having fun while the beautiful illustrations in The Very Best Daddy of All will teach them to identify new animals. Find them in the library under "J PIC M" and "J PIC B."

    Crocodaddy by Kim Norman
    Don't be fooled by the Crocodaddy's toothy grin! In this rhyming board book story, climb aboard dad's back and see if you can tame him with tickles! Find it in the libary under "J PIC N."

    My Dad Thinks He's Funny by Katrina Germein
    We all know that dads are the kings of terrible jokes. What's the worst one your dad has ever told? This colorful picture book contains some of the very worst dad-jokes on the planet. Get your eye rolls ready! Find it in the library under "J PIC G."

    Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa
    Little Monster rocks out, has a spaghetti breakfast, and makes a mud fort with his awesome dad. Dad even checks under Little Monster's bed for more monsters, because that's what dads are for. What a wonderful day! Find it in the library under "J PIC Z."

    My Daddy by Guido Van Genechten
    Dad and John are full of tricks. With Dad, John can count, ride like a horsey, and even fly through the air. Be prepared to give a piggy-back ride after you read this to your toddler! Find it in the library under "J PIC G."

    Do you have a favorite Father's Day story? Share it below!