Booktalking "The Christmas Wombat" by Jackie French

  • by Miranda J. McDermott

    This wombat likes eating, sleeping, and getting Christmas stockings. He particularly likes eating carrots. When he finds Christmas reindeer eating his carrots, the wombat gets grumpy. Creatures stealing his carrots is not acceptable behavior.

    Luckily, however, he finds a way to get the reindeer to help him find more carrots! He rides on the runners of the reindeer's sleigh in search of carrots across the globe, from toucans in Central American rainforests to igloos in Canada.

    The Christmas Wombat by Jackie French, 2011

    The illustrations in this book are gorgeous in their simplicity and the use of Christmas colors. I love the carrots in the stocking, and the Rudolph nose and and antlers on the illustration of the wombat on the cover. I love Australia, so this book is perfect. The single-mindedness of the wombat in search of his carrots is hilarious and heart-warming.