Booktalking "Good Morning China" by Hu Yong Yi

  • by Miranda J. McDermott

    In the morning in China, everyone chooses different activities. People in the park have their morning fun. One person is resting by the lotus pond. Another one cycles, some people play badminton, and some are stretching. Other people are dancing, some with swords or fans, and others in a waltz. Some people play chess and others play card games.

    Harmony, peace, and simplicity are at the center of this work. What do you do in the morning?

    Good Morning China by Hu Yong Yi, 2007

    I love the naturalistic illustrations in this book, and the simplicity of a one-sentence idea paired with one illustration in each double-page spread. The last double-page spread opens to a pop-up display of everyone in the park engaged in their activities.