Booktalking "Mahjong All Day Long" by Ginnie Lo

  • by Miranda J. McDermott

    Everyone loves mahjong, a Chinese tile matching game. When you play mahjong, you can hear the clicking of the tiles.

    What to do while you play mahjong? Sing Chinese operas, chew on watermelon seeds, or drink tea?

    Kids can use the tiles to build bridges or create long, curvy snakes before they learn the rules of the game.

    You can teach the game's rules and high-scoring combinations down the generations. Grandparents can play with their grandchildren.

    Mahjong All Day Long by Ginnie Lo, 2005

    This story was inspired by my recent visit to Radiance Tea House & Books, which has picture books about Chinese things. In addition, my mother loved playing mahjong on the computer, and she would like a physical set.

    I love how the title of the book is displayed on mahjong titles on the cover.

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