Pic Pick (LGBTQ Edition): King & King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland

  • by Ruth Rodriguez

    King & King
    By Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland
    Recommended for Ages 6 and Up

    How many times has your parent told you "That's it, I've had ENOUGH!"? Nevermind, I am sure everyone reading this blog is well behaved. Ok, well it has happened to me, I remember plenty of instances when my mom had had "enough." In this book, the Queen mother has had ENOUGH too!

    King & King tells the fairy tale of a Queen who is ready to retire from ruling the kingdom. But to achieve this goal she must have someone to take over; in this case her son, the Prince.

    The Queen tells her son he must marry a princess and become king but he's never been much of a fan of princesses. In any case there isn't a choice? Is there? Join me in reading this fairy tale that tells us that sometimes love is found when you least expect it.

    But don't just take my word for it, see what others have said.

    Read Alikes within ages 5-7 might include:

    It's Okay to Be Different

    A celebration of different types of people that is colorfully illustrated.

    The Family Book
    By Todd Parr

    A celebration of different kinds of families with colorful illustrations.

    10,000 Dresses
    By Marcus Ewert

    Tells the story of Bailey, a young boy who dreams of beautiful dresses.

    And Tango Makes Three
    By Justin Richardson

    In the Central Park Zoo there are different kinds of animals and different kinds of families, Tango's family is a little different than others. He's being raised by two male penguins.

    Piggy Bunny
    By Rachel Vail

    Piggy, who is born a pig, wishes to become an Easter bunny even though the people around him tell him otherwise.

    In Our Mother's House

    By Patricia Polacco

    For the advanced reader of maybe ages 8 and up, Patricio Polacco writes about a family with two moms and their adoptive children.

    A Tale of Two Mommies

    By Vanita Oelschlager

    When children come up to this little boy and ask him about what it is like to have two mommies, he lets them know. Which mom helps our when  a kitty goes missing? or what happens when you go camping?

    A Tale of Two Daddies

    BVanita Oelschlager

    A little girl and her days with two daddies, similar to the title above.

    For Grown Ups

    This list is part of small selection that will be added to with time and are geared for children under 8. I am looking for books that are recently published, brightly illustrated and simple to understand. Suggestions are always welcome!

    Meanwhile you can check out Stevie Feliciano's blog post, LGBTQ Books for All Ages for more titles.

    For other awesome titles you can also check American Library Association's Stonewall Book Awards, specifically the Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award.